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Campus Life: The Guild

Students' Guild Welcome

The Guild of Students is the Recognised Student Government on Campus. The Guild Council is the recognised means of communication between students as a body, and the authorities of the University, with Guild Council members serving on major Campus and University Bodies.

It is very important as students to have a voice on campus to represent your rights, interests and concerns throughout your university life. According to its Constitution the objectives of the Guild are:

  • For the furthering of educational and social purposes of the University of the West Indies.
  • For the furthering of the common interest of members of the Guild of Students.
  • The advancement and promotion of unity and fraternity among the members of the Guild.
All matriculated students pursuing a course of study at the University of the West Indies are full members of the Guild of Students, including graduate students even though they may have become members of the Guild of Graduates. Full Members of the Guild shall have the following privileges:
  • The right to frequent the Students’ Union and to enjoy all its facilities and amenities.
  • The right to vote at all Guild Elections and to stand for election for any office in the Guild except when debarred by lack of any special qualification.
  • The right to wear the official University colours.
  • The right to frequent the games fields and enjoy all the facilities and amenities offered.
  • The right to participate in all activities sponsored by the Guild, and
  • Such other rights as may be conferred by this Constitution from time to time.

Other Facilities

Guild facilities include snack and drink machines, food service (open everyday until 7pm), Hair Salon, Smoothie Bar and Guild Bar.


Guild Publications

The Publications Committee provides an integral and active component of student life on Campus. With publications such as THE CAVE Newspaper, Fresher's Guide and the Calendar of Events as examples, students are well informed of all aspects of Campus Life. Your contribution of articles, things of interest, ideas and comments for the publication is always welcome. These submissions can be sent to




Latest News

Reach Us

Have more questions?
Talk to our Guild Office, The Andrew Gordon Lewis Building


Tel: (246) 417-4534
Fax: (246) 417-4535

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m